Firm Description
Jeffrey Daniels Architects is an all-encompassing architecture, planning and interior design firm, providing a full range of services from inception through completion of new construction, renovations and additions. The traditional architectural services of building design, construction drawings and technical specifications form the basis of the firm's services. In addition, the firm specializes in the total integration of all visual elements including interior design, furniture design, lighting and landscaping.

Basic Services.

Programming: Direct collaboration with the client to establish criteria for the project or facility. Review of existing facilities for possible integration into future designs.

Schematic Design: Development of the basic plan of the facility. Site planning and analysis of circulation, movement, interrelationship and shape of necessary spaces based on the uses and users of the facility. Preliminary budget analysis.

Design Development: Refine and elaborate schematic design. Finalize relations between building mass, facades and landscape. Locate and design sources of natural and artificial light. Determine surfaces, textures and materials to be used. Analyze and integrate all structural, mechanical, electrical and other technical systems.

Construction Documents: Prepare the complete drawings and specifications for the construction of the project. Assist client in obtaining all necessary permits and governmental approvals for project.

Bid Phase: Represent client during bidding process to ensure that the form and content of the final contract for construction is in the client's best interests.

Construction Observation: Conduct regular on-site observations to verify that the project is being built in accordance with the plans and specifications.

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