PUBLICATIONS - (Partial List)
"Overdrive: LA Constructs the Future," News from the Getty
"Showing Class All Around," Los Angeles Times
“Daniels Residence,” Los Angeles Times
“Interview with Lesley Grant”, LA Architect
“Project New Hope”, LA Architect
“Harold Residence Home Theater”, Audio/Video Interiors
“Works in Progress”, Interior Design
“West Coast Architecture”, Modern Living
“Project New Hope AIDS Housing”, Progressive Architecture.
“Totem Domestico”, Ville Giardini
“Un Veliero Sulla Collina”, Brava Casa
“Box Tops”, L.A. Times Magazine
“Studio City II”, L.A. Times Magazine
“The Next Wave”, Interiors, October.
“A Simple Place on the Lake”, L.A. Style Magazine
“Grinstein/Daniels”, A+U Magazine
“Storm Front”, Interiors Magazine
“Spicy Blend of East & West”, Time Magazine
“Here’s Looking at You”, L.A. Times Magazine
“Design for Dining”, L.A. Style Magazine
“Points of Departure”, SF
“Stylish Synthesis”, Restaurant/Hotel Design International
“California”, Architecture Magazine (Japan)
“Kentucky Home”, Architecture
“Natural Wonder”, Perspectives
“Funky Chicken”, Blueprint
“Top Secrets”, Metropolitan Home
“Living Color”, Angeles Magazine
“A Taste of the Pacific Rim”, Angeles Magazine
“Urbanites”, Angeles Magazine
“Grinstein & Daniels”, The Architectural Review
“Vogue Par David Hockney”, Paris Vogue
“An Appetite for Design”, L.A. Style Magazine
“Top Restaurant Designers”, Restaurant & Hotel Design
“Breaking the Boundaries for Art”, House & Garden
“Restaurant Design, Finding the Right Look”, NRA News
“Asian Ambiance in L.A.”, American Way
“Howard Hesseman”, People Magazine
"P/A Third International Furniture Competition”, Progressive Architecture
“P/A Third International Furniture Competition”, Skyline
“Grinstein Residence”, Casa Vogue BOOKS
Jencks, Charles, Heteropolis, Academy Press.
Steele, James, L.A. Architecture, Phaidon Press.
Streetporter, Tim, Freestyle, The New Architecture and
Interior Design from Los Angeles, Stewart, Tabori, & Chang.
AWARDS AIA Los Angeles Chapter, Honorable Mention Award, Project New Hope Apartments
Housing for Individuals Living with HIV\AIDS, San Pedro, California.
AIA California Chapter, Honor Award, Kentucky Fried Chicken.
AIA Los Angeles Chapter, Honor Award, Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Progressive Architecture Magazine, Third Annual International
Furniture Competition, Honor Award. EXHIBITIONS OVERDRIVE: LA CONSTRUCTS THE FUTURE, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California MILLENIUM MODELS, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, California.
NEW BLOOD 101, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, California.
LAST CHANCE FOR EDEN, Gammel Dok, Dansk Arkitektur Center,
Copenhagen, Denmark.
NEXT LA, AIA Traveling Exhibition, Pacific Design Center, UCLA Extension, USC Gallery.